Dauvea AirCare

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  • January 18, 2022

The service to monitor the indoor air quality

Dauvea launches on the market the new service for monitoring indoor air quality. The service will be available by the end of January 2022 and is the result of a long research and development process carried out by Dauvea’s IoT (Internet of Things) Division.
Mainly intended for schools, offices and healthcare environments, Dauvea AirCare aims to monitor environmental pollution with a view to preventing the risk of infection from Covid 19.
The service includes a device for data detection, a web client for remote air quality monitoring and the Dauvea IoT integrated platform for data collection and transfer.
Each device includes three sensors. A sensor for detecting CO2 concentration levels (PPM = parts per million), a sensor for detecting temperature levels (° C) and a sensor for detecting humidity levels (%). The CO2 concentration levels (PPM) are displayed by means of a luminous LED placed on the device which varies chromatically according to the risk levels according to the following scheme:

Low risk (CO2 < 700 ppm)
Moderate risk (700 ppm < CO2 < 1.000 ppm)
High risk (CO2 > 1.000 ppm)

“Recent scientific studies have highlighted how social distancing would not be enough to reduce the risk of contagion from Covid-19. What matters is the length of stay in the rooms and their CO2 level. The Italian Institute for Health (Istituto Superiore della Sanità) has provided a series of indications for the prevention and management of indoor environments in which the exchange of air is suggested to avoid exposure to pollutants that can facilitate the transmission of pathogens, such as Covid -19. It is in this context – declares Salvatore Pulvirenti, co-founder of Dauvea – that we have created Dauvea AirCare, an innovative service that helps schools to protect the health of our children and in general to monitor situations of potential environmental risk of the people involved in their office activities.”
“The technological assets on which the service is based – commented Antonio Pittalis, co-founder of Dauvea – exploit IoT, AI and Big Data technologies according to architectural and implementation methods that integrate LoraWan radio collection and transmission systems with low power and therefore reduced energy consumption. Thanks to the integration with high-quality commercial sensors, the skills in the management of radio transmission and Big Data analytics, the service guarantees and stands out for its data accuracy and reliability, high flexibility and customization capabilities during configuration, remote management capability, ease of use and installation.”

Dauvea Srl(www.dauvea.it), was founded in 2017 by Salvatore Pulvirenti and Antonio Pittalis, two managers engaged in the most significant high-tech initiatives of the last 25 years. Leveraging the main emerging technologies (IoT, CyberSecurity, Big Data, Cloud) Dauvea offers its services through four business lines: ICT and Security Consultancy, Cloud Development Center, Managed Service Provider and Internet of Things.
Dauvea carries out complex international integration projects for its customers with an approach that aims to transfer all the advantages of the Cloud to companies, in a protected environment where security protocols guide the strategic and architectural solutions of IT infrastructures.
“Dauvea” means “It Really Happens” to emphasize the importance of execution and the promise of achieving the result as key factors in your relationship with the Customer.