About us

We are a passionate team delivering ICT consultancy, Privacy compliance programs to new EU regulation (GDPR) and Cloud services to any company aiming to jump on the cloud wagon.

What differentiates us from the Cloud crowd is the longevity of our combined experience, the depth of our knowledge and the spectrum of services we have on offer from Cloud migration to operations as Managed Service Provider. As the Cloud evolves, so we do following the evolution.

Involved in the major high-tech initiatives in the last two decades, our team has been challenged in complex international projects in which execution is a key factor.

“Dauvea” comes from a local Sardinian dialect and stands for “It really happens!”  to outline that for us “execution is king”.

Our history started in Italy and developed in the international markets since 1998. In the last years our effort has been spent in different industries: Telco, Finance, Health, Microelectronics, Scientific Research and Airlines.

In the last 15 years we can list the following projects:

  • Management of the whole Information Technology of an Internet Service Provider and its European customers;
  • Development of several research projects funded by European Union and Italian government.

Now we are also involved in the development of an IoT platform for AgriTech and rural environment to enforce SmartFarming and Environmental Care. The project will deploy an end to end solution based on a Low Power LoRaWAN radio network interconnected to an IP backbone to collect data coming from IoT sensors spread across the field and to implement a BigData platform for data analysis using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.