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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the driving forces behind digitalization. Makes machines smarter and processes more productive. It changes the way we work and allows you to create completely new business models.

The Internet of Things is now considered a key factor for economic success and competitiveness. The transport and logistics sector, in particular, experienced the greatest growth in the use of network technologies.

The right approach to your infrastructure


In order to be able to react flexibly to business changes, Dauvea allows you to use modular blocks individually or in combination for different projects. Our systems act as a central technology hub for the secure and flexible integration of internal and external partner technologies and platforms (such as IBM Watson, Siemens MindSphere or GE Predix) via intelligent API control.

The IoT solution can be expanded to meet your needs, allowing independent scaling of individual features. For example, when connecting locomotives and freight cars to the cloud.

  • Design and deployment of CDN for live and on demand contents.
  • Media ingestion and automatic transcoding.
  • Audio and video acquisition from SAT, DTT, IP, SDI and ASI.
  • IPTV architectures. End to end stack: from content to end user.
  • Telco backbone interconnection.

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