We help you achieve a true digital business transformation

How we work


Dauvea's services are the connecting element between business processes and the physical world of things. We provide companies with internal and external IoT technologies along the entire digitization chain, from individual sensors, actuators or devices to the world of applications and processes. Always with the aim of using the economies of scale of your company and obtaining competitive advantages, especially in the core business.

What we offer

Our IoT services offer much more than network hardware with the Internet. Add innovative features to your value proposition to distinguish yourself from the competition and provide your customers with added value, for example in terms of digital offers.
In addition, IoT increases the operational efficiency of its products. A few percentage points are often enough to have a big impact on costs and returns.

Case History

“We have been able to take on a flexible model of our use of resources on demand. This is a new and significant advantage, which improves performance today and ensures our long-term leadership position as a digital food resource. The benefits of working with Dauvea have been far reaching. They have been with us every step of the way, promoting cost savings and operational synergies. We have reduced long-term capital expenditures and are also finding value in not having to manage software licenses or software patching, all integrated into our new cloud architecture.”