Security Operation Center

The Dauvea Security Operation Center was created to support companies in the management of CyberSecurity

Actual scenario

Managing corporate security is becoming more and more difficult and requires complex and time-consuming analysis capabilities for early detection of attack signals. 90% of CISOs have trouble finding security experts capable of identifying new threats as well as SOC analysts, as they are rare, expensive and difficult to hold back.
At the same time, the IT function is transforming from a primarily supportive role to a more strategic one, identifying the lack of experts for IT leadership roles and large project mentoring as the reason for the paradigm shift. All these challenges now find in the experts of SOC Dauvea an ideal complement to which delegate the management of corporate security for you during working hours or 24/7, also discovering the correlations between the events reported by the devices and the security tools at your disposal, and help you raise general awareness about cyber security.
This is why Dauvea has developed a security model that it has provided for the past 3-4 years significantly better security of data, content and systems.

Advanced security management without maintaining an internal SOC team

Security management includes multiple aspects, requiring extensive security management capabilities and a dedicated Security Operation Center. All Dauvea solutions and more can be managed by the Dauvea SOC, allowing IT teams to focus on other activities.

Improved protection

The Dauvea SOC team analyzes data collected from emails, endpoints and security platforms for correlations and discovers the first signs of suspicious activity, providing an advanced level of security for the corporate environment.

IT and OT Security Management

The Dauvea SOC team can combine security management for IT and industrial networks, taking into account the different security requirements for these environments. Helps detect anomalies and early signs of cyber attacks without overloading your IT team resources.

Flexible Terms & Conditions

Dauvea’s experts inform you about cybersecurity incidents, such as domain fraud, spam and phishing attacks, and work for you 8×5 or 24×7.