Dauvea has adopted the Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. It provides that companies can adopt models of organization, management and control to prevent certain crimes specifically listed by the Legislator by:

  • entities with representation, administration or management functions the institution or an organisational unit with financial and functional autonomy, as well as by entities that hold a top position within the company;
  • subjects subject to the management or supervision of the above mentioned persons.

In the preparation of the Model, the scope of activity of the Company and its organization. The Company is newly established and growing rapidly in terms of size, activities and turnover.

The preparation of the Model was preceded by a careful and meticulous examination of the structure, organization, activities, practices and procedures of the Company in order to have a Model as much as possible aligned to the company reality and the activities carried out and, therefore, the most possible effective, efficient and truly operational.