ethical code

Given the importance of ethical and social responsibility in the conduct of business activities, Dauvea Srl has prepared this Code of Ethics in order to clearly and transparently identify the set of values that characterize the company.

In the exercise of its business activity, the development and achievement of the company’s success cannot be separated from compliance with the following ethical and social principles, fundamental for harmonious cooperation and coexistence within the company:

• legality and compliance
• loyalty and fairness
• appropriate governance and risk management
• transparency and confidentiality
• equality and impartiality
• respect for the person and human resource management
The Code of Ethics also contains all the rules of conduct in relation to relations with third parties and environmental protection.

Pursuant to d. lgs. No. 231/2001 Dauvea inserts the Supervisory Body (ODV) into its governance, which guarantees the correct application of the Code of Ethics by the interested parties.