Dauvea launches its Security Operation Center

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With this Service Center, the Italian Information Technology company achieves a strategic objective of its business plan for the provision of Managed Security Services.

First customers will benefit the service starting July 2020.

Dauvea, a Sardinian company active in Italy and abroad in the Information Technology market, will begin to provide security services and protection of its customers’ information systems starting from July 2020.

First in Sardinia and among the few in Italy, DAUVEA is now one of the Managed Security Service Providers able to face the challenges that not only isolated hackers, but above all internationally organized criminal groups, daily pose to companies all over the world for profit unlawfully.

The SOC of Dauvea was born after a long phase of analysis of the requirements necessary to meet the needs of the CyberSecurity market. In recent years, the spread of cyber attacks as well as affecting an ever-growing number of companies is investing industrial sectors that previously did not seem to arouse the interest of these cybercrime multinationals. The CLUSIT 2020 Report on ICT security in Italy informs us that in 2019, compared to 2018, the highest number of attacks is observed against the Multiple Targets (+ 29.9%), Online Services / Cloud (+ 91.5%) categories and Healthcare (+ 17.0%), followed by GDO / Retail (+ 28.2%), Others (+ 76.7%), Telco (+ 54.5%) and Security Industry (+ 325%).

Three years after its birth Dauvea, thanks also to its ability to build partnerships both nationally and internationally, is positioning itself with this new SOC in the CyberSecurity market with a capacity to provide services both locally and internationally.

“It is the culmination of a path – explains Salvatore Pulvirenti, co-founder of Dauvea together with Antonio Pittalis – which has seen our company increasingly committed to providing Cyber ​​Security services. Starting from IT security assessments, data protection and privacy management, 24/7 monitoring of industrial processes, we create increasingly advanced services that achieve the holistic management of all Cyber ​​issues with this new SOC. “

“In this hyper-connected scenario – explains Antonio Pittalis – our IT security services give our customers a guarantee of business protection based on integrated risk management systems which, starting from the analysis of the infrastructures, provides customized solutions for each model of industrial production. “

Dauvea is a company founded in March 2017 by Salvatore Pulvirenti and Antonio Pittalis. A team of managers with an important technical background are part of this entrepreneurial project, supported by a staff of top-level professionals with many years of experience in the sector. Pulvirenti and Pittalis have carried out complex international integration projects in which the execution and achievement of the final objectives has been recognized as a distinctive factor of their professional competence. Engaged in the most significant high-tech initiatives of the past 25 years, they have worked in the areas of Telco, Finance, Healthcare, Micro-electronics, Scientific Research, Airlines. Pioneers in the development of the Internet in Italy, they have managed the technological evolution of the Internet sector of national telecommunications operators and since 2000 and for over 15 years they have managed the Information Technology of an Internet Service Provider and its customers in Europe. They also participated in the implementation of various research projects funded by the European Community, MIUR and various regional and national government bodies.